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The Characters

Katrina Katrell

Katrina Katrell

Occupation: Plucky Heroine

Katrina believes in the fanciful things:
in pirates and gadgets and creatures and kings.
She’s clever, observant; she loves to explore.
Her dream is to go on adventures galore!

Mortimer Yorgle

Mortimer Yorgle

Occupation: Sportswriter

Mortimer Yorgle’s a likable guy,
in his rumpled-up coat and his crumpled-up tie.
He usually hides when danger is near,
but one day he’ll have to face up to his fear...

Gremelda Krabone

Mrs. Gremelda Krabone
(AKA “Old Krabby”)

Occupation: Sour-Hearted Guardian

Sadly, Old Krabby, is kind of a witch.
In the pit of her heart is a serious glitch.
In fact, if she thinks you’re a little insane...
then watch it—she might try and cut out your brain!

Doctor Reginald LeFang

Doctor Reginald LeFang

Occupation: Nutty Neurosurgeon

A doctor whose manner is deathly and dark,
whose eyes are aglow with a sinister spark;
a fellow of rather the nastiest kind
(beware of his Cranial Mincer of Mind)!

Bortlebee Yorgle

Bortlebee Yorgle

Occupation: Freelance Adventurer, retired

Once an explorer of fame and renown,
trekking from mountain to village to town.
But lately, however, he’s riddled with ills.
He’s no longer known as a “seeker of thrills.”

Winifred Windigo Thistle McPaw

Winifred Windigo
Thistle McPaw

Occupation: Communal Nomad

A gorilla-like creature who’s covered in curls,
the color of shimmering, luminous pearls.
If you get past her whimpering, she has the clue
to unlocking the secret of Zorgamazoo!

Dullbert Hohummer, the Third

Dullbert Hohummer,
the Third

Occupation: Intergalactic Kidnapper

A miniature man who is perfectly gray,
and whose manner is blank, in a similar way.
You would probably think he’s a bit of a bore.
(Well, of course! He was sent here from Graybalon-Four!)

The Ogre

The Ogre

Occupation: Ogre

The ogre is rather the usual kind:
He’s crooked, decrepit, and hardly refined.
Yet although he’s a cranky, cantankerous guy,
there’s a glimmer of hope in the glass of his eye...

The Others

Selena the Slash

Occupation: Guttersnipe

Selena wears gumboots as tall as a chair.
She has daggers and knives for pinning her hair.
She’ll cut off your pants to pilfer your cash,
and that’s why they call her “Selena the Slash.”

Bugsy McCrook

Occupation: Bully

A menacing ruffian, lofty and tall,
as strong as an ox and as wide as a wall.
His face is persistently bitter and mean
(like a face you would make in a stinky latrine).

Sickly van Puke

Occupation: Miscreant

Sickly's an impish and rascally scamp,
bedecked in the rags of a traveling tramp.
He’s a freak and a flake, a loon and a kook
(and his nose always trickles with gobbledygook).